About Us

Dudley Vaccianna, is an internationally known Jamaican Artist working across multiple disciplines including glass, jewelry, paintings and clay sculpture.  He has resided in the United States since 1970 and is now based in New York City.  Dudley Vaccianna’s art career spans across 5 decades, his signature works are painted hand blown glass with the joyful themes of the Caribbean, Latino and the influences of Africa.

Dudley’s works can be found in major collections around the country including the permanent collection in the White House.  Due to successful exhibits in major art galleries along Madison and Fifth Avenue, his work has become prized parts of many New Yorkers art collections.  Dudley is also well recognized among corporate collectors around the world. The Ford Foundation, Lincoln Center and many other juried exhibitions has awarded this talented artist with multiple prizes and corporate purchase awards.


Dudley’s work has been described as first alluring and then captivating to the curious viewer and to the connoisseur of fine art.  This New York based artist is gifted in several media.  From the elaborate dream –like paintings, the one of a kind hang blown, hand painted glass to the intricately crafted jewelry designs.


His work can best be compared to a captivating lyric, accented by melodic color, interspersed with timeless themes and universally appealing to those who like to listen to lines, shapes and hues with their eyes